Plastic in the shrine/in rituals

Hi all,

How do you feel about plastic objects?

Unfortunately, incense, candles (even beeswax and spy candles no matter the scent) seem to aggravate my asthma. As much as I love candles and scents, I’m having for forgo using them to see if this makes a difference to my asthma.

This means I need to find an alternative. I’m thinking about using LED flickering candles again, but I’m not sure how I feel about having plastic in my shrine and in my daily ritual.

When it comes to using a sistrum, the only options I seem to have, are either making one myself, purchasing one that’s very expensive or purchasing a cheap plastic one.

A small plastic one would suit my purpose on a budget (maybe one day I’ll attempt to make one), but again I’m wondering what the deities think about this. I am yet to ask them, but I thought it would be good to start a topic on it.

What do you think about using plastic?

If there is a better material than plastic availiable, I’d use the material. Not because of plastic being bad or anything, I just feel doesn’t quite fit in my altar.

That doesn’t apply for LEDs and similiar functioning things, as those are usually quite good alternatives for more dangerous ways. Plastic icons would also be okay, I am mainly concerned about offering plates and glasses.

As for your situation, I see sistrums as noisemakers first, so I would think about if I can accept a plasticy noise or if I need to modify it, in the second case I’d try those jingle bells first.

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I agree with Dhehutinedjem that modern and personal circumstances should be considered; we are not living in Ancient Egypt. Plastic used with due attention and consideration, why not?

But I was wondering if a quick sistrum could be made with large nails through bottle caps? A little energy and natural materials would, in my view, make up for any roughness of appearance.


Thanks both! I think you’re right. I think it depends on the circumstance and the intent behind using plastic.

My only worry about using bottle tops for a sistrum is that it may not sound very nice if I cobble it together myself lol. Anyone have any experience of this?

Experience, well only that as a child, a lot of children around me did it for percussion bands! Back when there were lots of soda-bottle tops to use. As I recall, they sound pretty good, actually, and in fact I’ve decided I’m going to try it myself.

Cool. Let me know how you get on with that!