Penguin Book of Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, The, Tyldesley, Joyce A., Penguin, 2011-08-04

Following on from the previous book on AE Lit Literature Of Ancient Egypt: An Anthology Of Stories, Instructions, and Poetry,Simpson, William Kelley, Yale University Press, 1973-09-10, this book by the amazing Tyldesley is a new addition to my collection and while not containing as much as the other book, it does provide a more accessible version.

The author gives a great commentary on the ideas in the books, how they differ to other versions and suggests missing endings for which that are many! :slight_smile:

A great read

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This was the first book I bought when I started looking into Kemeticism. It was 99p on Kindle! I started reading it, but I found it a difficult one to start Kemeticism with.

I’ll definitely go back to it though. I’m reading one of Tyldesley’s other books on Hatshepsut and I’m getting on with that one.

I think I might find the Myths and Legends easier if I pick one chapter on a subject I’m currently interested in rather than cover to cover. There’s a lot of content/information in that that book!

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