Paths similar to Kemeticism

Hi all,

Although I’m only following a Kemetic path, I am noticing similarities between Kemetic reconstructionism and Norse reconstructionism.

I’m subscribed to the 'Norse Witch’s channel on YouTube How to approach a new Deity or Spirit || Starting out Deity Work - YouTube.

I’ve noticed similarities before this, but the more I find out, the more similarities I see between the Kemetic and Norse belief system.

Do you see the same or do you see any other paths that are similar to Kemeticism in some way?

I also see some similarities between Kemeticism and Hinduism.

Even if there are few of us Kemetics out there, it can be comforting to find out about other similar paths.

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I have certainly found fruitful fellowship amongst Norse reconstructionists. I’ve been blessed to have several in my friends circle, and find their community to be welcoming.

… and I agree that there are a lot of parallels with Hinduism, The multiple creation deities and myths are something I learned about from reading Petrie’s summary of ancient Egyptian religion.

the video is interesting… I’ve come to this from a somewhat different angle. My “patron” deity has certainly been using me as a vending machine for a long time :joy:… Still not a fan of asking though

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I guess there is an argument that priests in ancient Egypt did use deities a bit like vending machines in the temples. But going from some hymns I think there’s evidence of personal relationships as well.

I wish there were more surviving sources from domestic practices.