Online resources - Heka

I’m trying to find out about practicing Heka online, but it’s difficult to find a good source. Does anyone have any online recommendations?

Perhaps even something downloadable?

There is a good book on Amazon, but there isn’t a kindle version and I don’t want anyone to see what I’m reading!

Thanks :blush:

David Rankine’s Heka is not bad. Still gaps I’ve found. And stay away from Rosemary Clark’s Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt, I find it too Wicca oriented (while Wicca isn’t bad, I feel this book is Wicca with an AE tint and not Heka).

Personally multiple resources are going to be required. Try the Web Link Recommendations thread too.

Should my stuff ever see the light of day then that would be another. :slight_smile:

Oh, just noticed this in my bookmark list:

Thanks for the advice Kev and thanks for the link to the book download and recommendations!

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I quite like Cassandra Eason’s ancient Egyptian magic. Not available in kindle though

Another really in depth one is the mechanics of ancient Egyptian magical practice by Ritner


Thanks @Anippe. I’ll look those up.

What do you like about Cassandra Eason’s book?

Any downsides?

her book is really easy to follow, with the right amount of background references. I especially liked the amulet and charms chapter (as that was what i was trying to do at the time, and still refer back to regularly)
there are easy rituals and spells to do, which is also great. some of them are not strictly kemetic though, which I am now ok with. but when I started with kem stuff, it would have irked me no end lol. I needed to be focused and exclusive til I had a good handle on my own stuff, to be able to judge the other bits and whether they made sense to me or not

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Her stuff is generally pretty good, and yes, she’s not really Kemetic so there will be some of her Wicca stuff flavouring things.

I must admit, I am looking for a book that’s all Kemetic if that’s possible… :thinking:

Rankin’s might be the one to go for. Gaps are probably inevitable if I go for 100% Kemetic.

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The Heka book is reasonable. And this just popped up on my fb feed…

This volume is a significant revisionist approach to ancient Egyptian magic. As a result of a methodical analysis of both the textual and archaeological records, Ritner concludes that the boundaries between ancient Egyptian magic, religion, and medicine were not as strictly observed as modern commentators believe. Furthermore, he categorically denies the frequent attempts of moderns to define ancient Egyptian magic as a phenomenon dealing with the supernatural, practiced primarily for nefarious purposes sub rosa by individuals outside of the religious mainstream.

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Oooo! Thanks! That’s good!

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I got this one, it is very very very academic and in depth. It explains the components of heka really well, based on ancient texts and looks at meanings of hieroglyphs in those texts.
I would say it is a great reference to have for study purposes, but it’s not an easy read and definitely not a how to type manual. So I wouldn’t recommend it to people new to kem stuff or those looking for rituals and spells they can do themselves.

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Ah right, noted thanks. I didn’t look to see the content but as you say, handy to have around. Thanks

Hi, I did go for Cassandra Eason’s ancient Egyptian magic in the end. Although I’m yet to read it. It’s next on my list after I’ve finished my current book.

I have also downloaded the THE MECHANICS OF ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MAGICAL PRACTICE. I did have a quick glance, but I think it’s more for me further along the path. I’m glad I downloaded it though.

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