Online Course @ Oxford


Just signed up for a short course online:

Will let you know how it goes. I did compare it with the the Manchester one and this one seems a wider content. Still considering the Certificate at Manchester though :slight_smile: Maybe next year if this goes well!


good luck with this. it isn’t quite on my radar yet, but would love to hear your feedback. Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have the coursework book already and making a start on it get get one read through before the course starts in September. Quite looking forward to it!


About to start the third week already! So far its OK. Covered the geography and environmental aspect of the country and how it impacted on them the first week, this week its been pre-dyn to MK and looking at the types of evidence we can draw upon. This coming week we get stuck into the deities :slight_smile:


On this course I’m being sent off to some interesting public resources. What I can do is throw a list of the best ones into the suitable topic for everyone. Must say there is more and more reading to do! Love it :slight_smile:


all sounds very interesting. throw at us, we will take it :slight_smile:


The course is now over, just waiting for my second and final assignment to be marked. What I will do is throw in here some of the more interesting public resources we used as there are ones I’ve never seen before which could now do with a good poke :slight_smile: