Nonexistent messages?

Hi there, it appears I have some new messages (one from discobot and one from a user) but when I click them, it redirects me to an error page (“page is private or unknown”) Anyone knows why?

Should work. If you want to throw me the message content via a direct message I can take a look.

The same happens to me for all the System and Discobot messages. When I click on them it just directs me to page saying “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

The same thing happened to me yesterday.

I’ve just tried it and I’ve got the same issue. Seems to be across the board.

Yeah, that is also my problem!

Update:I can now chat with discobot just fine, just I don’t seem to see the messages I got from you

Thanks. When I get one I will take a look at why.

Just found one from 16th November and all the links work OK. Now, it could be something in either the browser and/or email client doing something. I do recall at work we’ve had some say links don’t seem to work for gmail - perhaps their attempt to prevent malware infections. I will still wait for some new ones to come through now I have turned up all of the rate of my notifications.

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Just remembered why I don’t see notification email; they get filtered off to a folder. Anyway all of those in over the past week work for me. Now, maybe because I’m logged in, don’t know if that makes a difference, or email/browser issues (Thunderbird/Firefox).

I may know why it’s happening, maybe I’m recieving the notifications about other members’ messages while not recieving the messages themselves

Possibly… I sent a PM to @kev but it hasn’t come up on my list of messages. It’s only appeared as a notification, so that’s strange.

They will show up as notifications. If you look to the right of the bell icon there is a message list which shows them all there. Not really looked at it in any great depth as rarely use messages.

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It has now shown up in my messages list after you responded.

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