My amulet shop: On The Temple Steps

I dislike plugging my own stuff and am feeling a bit self-conscious about being the first person to do so here. But at the same time, I’ve not got very much spending money after a big international move.

Pretty much all of the money I get from my amulets goes straight back into my kemetic activities like acquiring interesting and often obscure Egyptological books, shrine additions/upgrades, offerings/devotional pieces, etc. (I’m also due to be going to Egypt in March and would like to secure my plane tickets sooner rather than later.)

I also take requests if you don’t see who or what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Don’t worry about feeling too self conscious plugging your creations. That is what this place is for. I could have thrown my stuff in to kick things off, but didn’t want this place to be all about me! I will take a look its always great to find someone who can make the things I can’t. K

so excited…I vowed to get my Sekhmet amulet as soon as I started selling again on etsy…so today I have ordered it! Can’t wait.

at some point, I will also be looking for a Wenet one, but would you be able to do the hieroglyph (hare lying down) rather than the headed Goddess one you have listed now?


Yup, I can do the hare hieroglyph. :slight_smile:

perfect. I will let you know when I can afford to get that one then :slight_smile:

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Just had the email that my amulet has been shipped. So excited!

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Excellent ! I hope you love it. :slight_smile:

She is here, and arrived in true form 3 years to the day I first started on my journey with Her. Could not have made me any happier than this :heart::heart::heart::heart:


That’s fantastic! I love it when it those sort of “coincidences” happen. Very happy to have had even a small part of it.