Music Recommendations

Something I’ve been meaning to ask for a while actually, anyone have any good sources for atmospheric pre-recorded music? I’m happy with my sistrum but a bit of recorded stuff frees up a hand. :slight_smile:


Thought I would wake this topic up. I’m still looking for stuff. I’ve got an album by Andreas but its a bit sucky…

It might sound tacky but I love to listen to the soundtrack from the computer game Pharaoh. I think you can find bits and pieces on YouTube.

Strangely, I also just discovered this site


Thank you! An excellent find, even more so because there is a fantastic chant to my dear Selket which really sent the spine-a-tingling :slight_smile:

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Spotted this today. Amazing…


Via the History of Egypt podcast i recently discovered this composer, who specialises in reconstructed ancient lyre music. I haven’t gotten any of his albums yet, but the previews on his website are lovely.

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I’ve seen his work before. I think while I was researching making my bow harp. Played a few videos of his and they are good.