Museums of Interest to Visit


Now that sounds an interesting idea! :slight_smile:


Actually that is now sounding a really good idea as I’ve found most of my pictures of the BM and Petrie are a little too blurred or clipped for inclusion in the book so I’m just going to have to take some new ones :slight_smile:

Will see how the calendar is looking as its getting pretty busy. If any of the dates suite others then you are welcome to tag along. Its most likely going to be a Saturday as that’s the only chance I will get to visit both the BM and Petrie. Might take a mooch around Tredwells while I’m there too, as well, its books…



Hi all. Looks like my train discount card runs out soon so I would like to give it one go this year! Two dates I have in mind are 20th October and 3rd November. How do they sound?


The Museum in central Birmingham is great too. Has a wonderful section containing many artefacts. Can definitely spend a few hours in there !


Ooo thanks for that. I know there are a few up that way and so many on my list to visit :slight_smile:

Btw welcome to the forum!


Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to finding my way about and finding interesting reads.


You’re welcome. There’s some good stuff here already and it you have any of your own then go right ahead and post. K


Sorry that I missed this post, although there’s no way I could have made such a huge trip on such short notice anyway.

I’d still be interested in future meet ups, I’d just need a tooouch more notice (lol) to save up and arrange travel and accommodation for something/somewhere like that!


Sure. It was a urgent trip before my ticket ran out. I need to renew my travel card and once I do then I will sort out another ‘research trip’ as an excuse. I promise to give more notice!