Lockdown Egyptology Binge

Hi all,

So I’m the sort of person who works best with background noise. When I’m not speaking to people and I’m doing ‘offline’ work I’ve been watching/listening to Egyptology YouTube videos in the background.

Has anyone else been binging on Egyptology during lockdown?

I thought I’d share the below interview on here, which I’m finding interesting today. The Egyptologist being interviewed describes Heka as her ‘hobby’ and talks about how she practices it. She talks about lots of other things too as it’s a long interview.

Does anyone else have any Egyptology Binge recommendations?

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Keep meaning to watch his stuff. Looks really good. I did a few online things last year but been side tracked with everything else I’m doing. The online lecture I went to a couple of nights ago was fascinating and booked a few more with Joanne. Just a little, not too much as there is only so much I can retain right now.

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This is cool. Not Egyptology related, but it’s cool.

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Have you seen all the Mar stuff? Stunning sights and sounds :slight_smile:

After the talk I went to a couple of weeks ago on Khonsu, on Tuesday I think is Bes and Taweret (which I will follow by running off to a moot straight after to do a talk for CoA Wiltshire on clues stories tell us), and then the following week Jo is doing a talk on Meretseger and Selket!

Looking forward to both of those.

Yes I’ve seen some Mars stuff!

You’re a busy guy! Was also amusing to see you on Facebook testing your equipment haha.

I’m still watching the Curtis Ryan Woodside interviews and I also want to look for some Ancient Egyptian language YouTube Vids. If they’re accompanied by hieroglyphics too, that’s brill. Would be great if I could find some reliable sources.