Local Pagan Moots

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering whether anyone else goes to a local Pagan Moot?

I’ve managed to find one other person who has a connection to Ancient Egyptian deities at my local one. And who knows, I may find more.

Now that we are heading towards June and more normality, is anyone planning to go to Moots in person? Or have you just been to your local online one?

I still have not found anyone near me sadly although I have not actually tried going to a moot, perhaps there will be one soon now that some restrictions have been lifted?

I used to meet other pagans every Saturday at a shop in South London, not exactly a moot but a great hang out. Mostly though I used to moot with Kev, but now I’m too far away for that. So just online for me.

There are plenty locally in Kent and a list exists on one of my websites https://www.houseofkiya.co.uk although my Dover moot I’m not going to resume and I think the Folkestone one has gone now. As far as the rest of the country goes there are a lot of moots out there and the Children Of Artemis and Pagan Federation both run the larger networks. Many of the UK Facebook groups do often mention them, and I’m sure any requests will soon have loads coming out. Also worth trying local pagan/witchy shops as they will know what is going on locally.

I won’t be returning to local physical moots at all as I decided to give them up a few years back as I went to way too many and just don’t have the time any more. I will keep connections open with some of the far off virtual moots though.

Maybe in a year or two I might return to the local ones but in preference I would prefer to get these Kemetic ones up and running first.

Do try moots out as they can be useful.


I think your suggestion to talk to local pagan/witchy shops are a good suggestion for finding out local info.

After the past year of social distancing, I feel the need to attend local face to face meet ups when they are back on again. Perhaps I’ll find some more Kemetics. You never know! Glad I’ve found one person who has a good connection with AE deities. I’m yet to find out if he’s Kemetic.

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