Literature Of Ancient Egypt - Performances

Copied more-or-less from my FB wall, and while many of you may not have been in the community at this time (early 90s) there could well be interest here in exploring with me:

During my time away from the (general pagan) community I’ve been considering an interesting direction to take. Like many other pagans I’ve been in awe of Dahm The Bard and what he has done for Celtic story telling. I want to try and do something similar but for ancient Egypt. OK, I’m no musician or story teller, and not knowing things has never put me off before.

To this end, earlier in the year I had a go at reciting sections of the Songs of the Harpers at a local folk night (yeah, including the raunchy bits) and that went down well, another attempt later to tell the tale of Sekhmet’s Destruction of Mankind, did reveal that I certainly lacked some skills which by chance led to an invitation to join a story telling group to hone my skills. That is still on going.

At Witchfest this year, and yesterday with @MagpieMason the subject came up of a set of old plays my friend Lilith Babellon once told me she, and a group of friends used to perform of ancient Egyptian stories and such like, unfortunately this was long before I emerged into the community to witness.

My post then, is to call for any memories of what they were, and how they were done. I know a few of you out there were present and possibly involved. Any pointers, memories or even archived materials would be of huge benefit to this project. I want to do the gods and our 'Lil proud - especially since her Sekhmet has been breathing down my neck since I began this escapade.

Feel free to share and tag anyone who may recall anything however small.

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Found the production details I want after a tip off from Rufus:

My last storytelling performance of the year this weekend (Christmas and Winter Tales - I’m telling Anglo Saxon stories), and I will be able to focus on this new project.

I’ve already I think 15 stories to work with that mostly will work as a continuous narrative, and have begun to look around for booking venues to perform in before the main event at Witchfest 2020. My first plan is one of the venues around Glastonbury as I will be down there in the spring to do some writing and see friends.

Thoughts so far is that I can produce a script for single performance, and possibly stretch it out to a group performance. If that works out then fair warning, I will be seeing if any of you lot want to join in :slight_smile:

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First date is now booked - 22nd May 7.30pm in Glastonbury. Flyers to follow (well, once I’ve actually made them!).

Currently talking with a fantastic venue in London - one of my favorite places in fact…

We are now go! Very exciting. I don’t think any of you are down that way from what I remember, but if you are then do please come along. And if anyone has any other venue ideas I would welcome them. Thanks K

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A FB event is now up, and currently looking at other venues for later in the year. Maybe London if I can, and a very good chance chatting with Pagan Federation Scotland for inclusion in one of their events. @Allati I might see you both again sooner than I expected :slight_smile:

Another date is set (more details to come). This time for London at the Atlantis Bookshop, 18th July, 2.30pm

Pantaloons, I think I’m in Devon the end of July

No worries. I’m sure to repeat these if they go well :slight_smile: Plus, now my cold is almost gone I’m going to be able to start rehearsals which I’m going to video record to help with presentation. If, I’m pretty happy with them then I will upload to YouTube and post links here.

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Currently planning northern locations…

Nottingham/Mansfield will be added soon!