Kemetic Temple UK Online Courses?

Hi all,

After the amazing demand for help I had with a recent Children Of Artemis Online Moot on the subject of sigil magic, I’ve been thinking of having another go at generating online courses again. I did this some years ago as part of my mentoring group and physical witchcraft workshops in Canterbury.

It fizzled out as I had little time and not much experience in generating online courses. That has since changed, and that moot reminded me that there is still scope for education. I’m also in a difficult position regarding my published work in that my publisher has had some serious health concerns over the past couple of years and have two of my books with her for well over a year now, and I’m not sure when they will see the light of day. Those two in particular I’m most eager to get out as they are purely Kemetic unlike my others.

Now, I’ve mapped out a large amount of course topics and perhaps 2/3 is Kemetic from the books waiting to be published and the next two which I’m writing (but due to the delays I’m shelved for the moment). The question being do we, as a group, want to make use of such material to bolster what we have here and create a resource to pull in others? Does anyone want to contribute their own material? I’m also considering reaching out the other Near Eastern groups (I’ve yet to announce our connection with those sorry - a bit all over the place atm), to combine forces as us Kemetics are a little out numbered by the other pagan groups.

For the first go at testing the ground I’m most likely going to do with a non-Kemetic topic, such as Chaos Magic where there are a greater number of practitioners. To that end I will be hosting on my House Of Kiya site where I already do my mentoring and writing rather than connected here.

It can of course all be moved easily should the need arise.

Any thoughts, suggestions or comments anyone would like to make?

I would welcome some online courses. I’ve been using the Kemetic label for 13 years, pagan for 20, and yet I still feel like a beginner.

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Not an unusual feeling like a beginner. I do often :slight_smile: We will see how this goes. Hopefully it won’t take too long getting the first one up running as sigil magic is one of my fav things. From there I can see how this will work.

Of course questions remain free to ask here for anyone who needs to ask :slight_smile:

I do enjoy sigil magic. I still have the one and only sigil I’ve made in my fertility clinic folder. Not sure if it was that, or the prayers to Tawaret that worked this time round. I’m curious to find out whether sigil magic was a thing in AE, or if a modern system could be developed.

Hieroglyphics of course are Heka and were used in a magical context. Sigil magic in the modern sense I don’t think is similar. If you class it as symbolic magic then yes, much the same.

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I missed all this, work being a crazy swirl lately. But yes, I think courses and educational materials would be a great addition to the forum.

Happy to contribute as I’m starting out on my own kemetic propaganda project (not really, just aiming to incorporate more of what I love into what I do, which will include running more workshops etc. Also bigger focus on my sekhem heka)

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I’m literally starving for knowledge and truth please I would love a opportunity to earn a ank or possible recommendations for one also to just be involved however in the meantime I also would love a mentor please or a mentor recommendation

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Did you create an online course in the end?
I am really looking to learn how to do the rituals and learn the purposes behind them, learn about heka, and a definitive calender of festivals that we can observe and celebrate here in the UK.

I stopped due to other demands, though last month I had an influx of requests for mentoring and thought I would dust it off again. I have a few things in progress, but again I have so many other demands at the time with the story telling, perfume and writing that I’ve not touched it for a couple of weeks.

It is on my list of things to do and I will get there. Starting with a basic course which I’m half way through writing, then will see how it goes from there. The site is at not that you will see anything just yet.

When things are fully done I will announce. There is no doubt about that :slight_smile:

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Are you familiar with Sharon Laborde?

I’ve got her book: Circle of the Sun: Rites and Celebrations for Egyptian Pagans and Kemetics. She’s well read and she’s good for beginners. I’m going to look through it again for the festivals.

Her other book Following the Sun : A Practical Guide to Egyptian Religion also looks like a good one for beginners.

I’ve learnt a lot from her channel on YouTube: KemeticIndependent. She lives in America, but she does a lot online.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your replies