Is it OK to mix ancient Egyptian deities with deities from other tradtions?

Many choose to stick to one pantheon and that is fine. Others however like to mix and match. This is a highly personal decision. What have you done to mix them successfully? Do you think you should?

After witnessing a meltdown this morning on a Facebook group relating to this, I would like to point out that, for here at least, we welcome good discussion on such topics because we are after all adults. Yes, some of us are wholly Kemetic and don’t see a need for other deities, but some like to mix things up, and that is for them to cope with.

I have no right to tell someone what they can and cannot believe, and for those new to Kemeticism and coming from other paths, they may find it helpful to map some aspects between the two to ease them in, or help with understanding some of the more complex Kemetic ideas.

So long as everyone is respectful I can’t see a problem with it. Just remember, if you claim to honour some deity and then insult them or their culture you are going to get kicked by them. Been there and it hurts. Be true to Ma’at and respectful of boundaries.

Any problems just flag it up.



I started out purely kemetic, wandered off and came back. Personally, I don’t have enough time to learn about and pay attention to several sets of deities lol. Also nothing makes my heart swell like the Ancient Ones.
I know people who like to mix and match, and some who also stick to a preferred path.
You know what works for you. I know mixing really confuses me and I miss my special altars when I tried to switch, so back to what i know best.

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