Is anyone else learning hieroglyphs and the Kemetic language(s)? I'm finding it surprisingly beneficial

I’ve been learning hieroglyphs and the Kemetic language(s) for a while, but have started taking it much more seriously and making faster progress.

Aside from improving my language skills, I have noticed other benefits. Lots of improved intuition, e.g. the sun setting the west is more obvious than it ever was as a “memorised fact”. I’ve started to notice a more natural, low-effort recognition of animals as well, particularly birds, and at a distance.

I’m surprised at, but grateful for, the scale of impact on the way I see the world and think.

I’m curious if anyone else is on the same path, or has been, and if they have had similar experiences?

Hi Sem
I’ve been doing a BA in Egyptology and Ancient History, have done 3 modules of Middle Egyptian. Had to translate a lengthy stela last term! (took aeons just to do something unimpressive!)
I find it weird that the majority of Egyptologists don’t actually study the language.
For myself, I wanted to be able at least to have an opinion on stuff, especially the ‘funerary texts’, besides what the ‘great men’ tell me stuff means…

What are your experiences with this? Have you found similar benefits?