How to make a Sistrum

Hi all,

Does anyone have any tips for making a sistrum easily? I want a small/tiny metallic one (to fit in my small shrine). Either that or is there anywhere that makes good affordable ones?


Cassandra asked in my FB live thing last week and I recorded this quick tour for her of the one I made.

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I’ll have a look. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yours is massive. KEV :joy:
I bought mine but I can’t remember where. Etsy or ebay?

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That looks sturdy and good quality Anippe!

Both are good examples.

Just wondering what you use the sistrum for please?!
Also, I have read somewhere that I need natron. Do you use that too or can just salt be used?

Hi Sunworshipper,

Sistrums were used by Ancient Egyptians in rituals/ceremonies. The below link from the Metropolitan Museum explains it pretty well in a short explanation. It also shows an ancient example:

I have a lazy way of making natron. I use equal amounts of baking soda and rock salt. When I want to use it I mix it with hot water so it dissolves. I don’t use it all the time though!

As @LittleIbis says you can make something similar. You don’t really need to have it at all, I’ve never used it myself, but what I do for ritual purity is use baking soda toothpaste to cleanse my mouth for uttering heka. You do what you have to do really :slight_smile:

Yeah, I sometimes brush my teeth with a toothpaste that could contains baking soda before a ritual.

If I’m in a rush like today, I don’t do either.

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I’ve been thinking about music with its role in ritual or generally as a way to connect with the gods. I came across some YouTube videos about the sistrum, so thought I’d share a couple here.

I still don’t own a sistrum yet, but I do sometimes play the sistrum on a YouTube video when I’m at shrine. I can play it quietly then.

At some point I’d like to play an actual sistrum in ritual!