How are you celebrating Wep Ronpet 2022?

Hi all,

Are you celebrating it and if so, how are you celebrating this it this year?

I marked it at June solstice with burning of Kapet at sundown. So far the only festival I’ve marked the past year. Offered some water too I think.

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I’ll be celebrating it on August 07th because that’s when Sirius rises over Cairo. I thought about celebrating when Sirius rises over my local area, but I feel that the date would be too far along in August for me.

I’ll probably give a simple offering to the deity of the day during the Epagomenal days. On Wep Ronpet, maybe a simple execration and offerings to my main deities.

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I am that kind of person who likes it to be at time with the civil new year’s, so I celebrate it in there (unless something goes and sets my calendar earlier)

I’m actually in two minds about this myself. I’m now a Remetj with HoN and they start celebrations this Sunday. It would be nice to join in but I feel really unprepared. Ive also got a lot on this week, with a trip abroad. I used to celebrate more towards the end of August and am tempted to keep with that date for now.

Funnily enough, I’m working on a series of YA novels and their calendar is a mash of ours and the Kemetic one. It’s a work in progress but Wep Ronpet is currently set to March 1st! The day before the five epagomenal days is February 30th :wink: