"Hathor Rising" and "My Heart My Mother: Death and Rebirth in Ancient Egypt"

Alison Roberts, Northgate Publishers

Two really good books detailing the enduring popularity that Hathor had in ancient times. Exploration covers various rites she was involved in at a number of crucial temples, her connection with various deities and rulers. A lot is packed in to both of these. Two of my favorite books.


I’ve been looking at the title ‘God’s wife of Amun’ and what that meant, particularly for Pharoah Hatshepsut.

Saw a documentary on YouTube, which mentioned the ritual of drunkenness associated with Hathor. Amun and Hathor seem closely linked. Found it interesting.

I’m trying to research about priestesses and their roles. Pretty much the same as priests so I understand.

One question I have about the AEs… Would someone have been a priest or priestess of more than one deity or was it exclusively one deity? I wonder whether there are any current Kemetics that would describe themselves as a priest/priestess of more than one.

The idea of drunkenness etc as spiritual practice/connection with deities does freak me out a bit. I suppose coming from a Christian upbringing, the idea of deity there is very much separate from the sensual/drunkenness associated with Hathor.

Various elite members of society did hold more than one temple role, and while temples were more or less dedicated to a particular deity, you will often find related shrines on the periphery and those would have to have been serviced. Its all very fluid.

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In relation to the use of alcohol and by extension psychedelics mixed with music and dance, have long held a position as a means to communicate with deity/spirit, and yes, these later religions with their desire to control by having some a single (controlled) intercession act as gateway have removed much of the group participation experience from the equation. That is sad.

I’ve certainly experienced some great connections when exposed to the right environment for this to occur.

I’m always interested in hearing about different experiences and perspectives. Seems alien to me at the moment, but I find it interesting.

OK Perhaps I should put a new topic on this. Will do later.

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