Hare moon may 2018

I could not find a temple for ‘other gods’, but lately signs have taken me to research Wenet, the Goddess with the Hare face. As the next full moon is a Hare Moon, I wondered if any of you might want to join me in saying a prayer to Wenet on that day?

I am still researching, but may write one myself anyway. I would be happy to share here. (just the words not my full ritual)

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Wilkinson’s Complete CGGoAE doesn’t have very much about Her apart from Her association with being swift and fast moving like the desert hare. I hadn’t thought of honouring Her at the full moon, but actually that would be quite lovely!

my books are pretty useless on this one too. The only one she gets a mention in is Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt by Hornung (p82). And it is just a brief mention so not exactly useful.

i have not found any hymns as such anywhere, so I will write one myself and share it here when it is done. i can’t share any ritual as such because i am very new to doing them, and they are very basic so i wouldn’t pretend to be a pro at them or anything.

in the meantime if you want a little bedtime reading:
Useful links:

Links with little info on wenet but still of interest:

links to research further:
https://henadology.wordpress.com/theology/netjeru/wennut/ why is there mention of lion headed goddess and what is the link? Where was this from? (later found in shrinebeautiful.com above lol)
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Swift-One-Carl-Nagel-ebook/dp/B077461ZY3 9page booklet on kindle.

Interesting idea. Only a few moon related deities that had any recognition of course, so something a bit extra is a good idea. I’m sure I’ve seen a few hare statues around during the last few months. Might have popped up on the usual FB photo feeds.

Incidentally if you can’t find a ‘temple’ group for what you want and the ‘Add Topic’ button is not showing just say and I can bump up the access and you can create what ones you like. I tend to work with a narrow set of deities as my life is complicated enough so I don’t have the lot in there :slight_smile:


Its a bit murky here today to see any moon :frowning:

Same here. Rain and thunder. Not going to be a moonlight stroll tonight lol

I have been researching but came up with very little so won’t be writing up prayers just yet. I will keep it all general tonight but i have worked on a specific offering. I have been given a prize a few weeks back, including a magazine and kit to make… A rabbit :rabbit:. I used a different wool to make it and added a few aromatic natural trimmings from my garden.

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Awww that is so sweet! Not sure what I will be doing later as its not any better now. Enjoy.