Good places to learn from?

With such a lot of information out there, many books and other sources to explore, anyone have any good sources they would like to recommend?

There are a lot of books out there which have a very non pure Kemeticism feel to them, but are more say, Lemetic flavoured Wicca. Filtering those out so we just have the purely Kemetic resources which can be hard to do initially. While their Ancient Egyptian calendar is a printed book, I find the Amemtet Neferet group on fb very useful as a resource. I also like The Twisted Rope’s blog, it has some excelent discussions, and intro guides, even if you follow a different Netjer to his.

Yes it does take a bit of work trying to extract the purely Kemetic aspects from some books. I tend towards those that originate from actual archaologist as they will focus on the single subject. There are a few good books out from Avalonia on Hathor and Thoth I have. And I have a few books from Jacq.

What I will do is throw on here my book list. I think all but one (by Rosemary something) are good.

So much to learn. :slight_smile:

I have heard of Twisted Rope, can’t remember when I last dropped by. I will start another topic for book lists and web links I think. :slight_smile:

TWR had gone fairly inactive for a while the last time I checked, due to personal circumstances, but their blog’s still an excellent resource imo. I found the blog via The Kemetic Roundtable group originaly, and found it the best of the blogs that posted.

Ah right that might be why I’ve not visited for a while. Oh don’t know if you’ve heard of the wiki page Cow Of Gold? The system that is on is shutting down and I’ve alerted the admin, hopefully they will find a home, if not I do have a mirror just in case and I’ve been talking with them to offer free space should they want it. Hate to see that resource go down as its really handy.

It’s not one that I’ve encountered, sorry. Sad to see it go still if it’s a good resource. I quite like Ancient Egypt Online, and Kemet Design for stuff (AEO is linked to Kemet Design). I loved their kapet incense balls, it’s such a shame that they had o swap to onl offering the dry powdered kapet. The balls, made to a recipe based on the Edfu one, smelled heavenly even if not lit.

I will post the link in the other topic. Ah yes kapet. I picked up a recipe from an experimental archaeologist last year. Made some and its just wonderful. I will post up that one too, there are quite a few variations as no one really knows the precise process and contents. Same too with a few recipes I’ve tried, its nice to get a feel for what was eaten back then. :slight_smile:

Kemet Design’s kyphi :frowning: I’m working through the last of mine. I ordered more but it was the powder (with no indication on their site about the change which was not fair honestly). I’m trying to find another kyphi that I like as much but it’s proving difficult.

Jackal divinities (primarily Wepwawet) specific, but I’ve been picking up a lot from Bezenwepwy’s blog, as well as their primarily archived blog They do a lot of deep and detailed research into jackal divinities so there’s a lot of information to be had on their blogs, and they’re usually open for questions. They also have a website, which is basically a condensed form of the information in Terence DuQuesne’s publications plus anything else they’ve found, making it probably the best resource on jackal divinities that exists online.

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I made my own Kapet//Kyphi for the first time last year. I will post up the recipe I use in one of the other topics more suitable. Thanks for those links though, its always useful looking in these places :slight_smile: