Free Mini Kemetic Festival August 2021

Free Mini Kemetic Festival August 2021

Here is the agenda for our first little series of workshops and social events aimed at bringing together fellow Kemetics (and interested parties) to share their practices and knowledge in a relaxed way.

Free ticket links can be found here:

House Of Kiya and Kemetic Temple UK Events | Eventbrite

It will list all the below time slots if you want specific reminders, but if you want to turn up the the whole thing just book one for each day as the whole day is using the same Zoom session details to save having to end and start new ones. That way too, if you change you mind so long as you have one for each of the two days you can join in any time!

7th August 2021

18:00 Welcome - Social meet and greet, and what the event is about. what is going on and how to get involved

18:15 Zoom - Group session on favorite books and researching tips

19:00 Zoom - Group discussion/workshop on temple vs private practice (sacred space, altars. difference in ritual practices etc)

20:30 Zoom - After hours… Social, chat, entertainment if you fancy it and want to do something!

8th August 2021

10:00 Zoom - Deity:: What, Why, How

11:00 Zoom - Ritual work: Including a group ritual for Wep Ron Pet (New Year )

12:00 Zoom - Social loose ends to finish off with any random questions etc


WIll post up the Eventbright links once I’ve added them!

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The event links are above and please remember that you have to register for the free tickets so I can prevent Zoom bombers!

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A reminder if you want to come along grab a free ticket or two. I will start to plan more detail during the week before and post it up.