Fourth birthday and future plans

For some reason I thought March next year (2023) was going to be the fifth birthday, but I could be wrong. Quite possibly I can’t count or something.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how things things have gone since I stepped back a bit and let activity go where it will. I am really happy and grateful for all of you who have been posting, answering and interacting as this is what a community is and what I had hoped this place would become. Thank you.

So, where does that leave us now? Where do you all want to go with this? And yes, I’m fully aware that having more people going would make this an even better place. Besides that I am willing to listen to any ideas. If I can make it happen then let’s go there.


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Sorry will sort out commenting… Really busy at work this week moving offices.

Moved it out of noticeboard where there may not be commenting enabled to here where they should be. sorry

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I have PMed Kev my thoughts due to the commenting issue from earlier.

This is such a good question.

If I can think of any other suggestions, I’ll let you know!

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I suppose to put it bluntly, do people want this forum to continue?

  • I think it’s a good space for newbies to Kemeticism.

  • I think it’s nice to have a space where Kemetics can potentially connect with eachother in the UK.

The question is, is this what members want?

@kev does it cost money to run the forum? Are you happy for this space to continue even if there is a lack of activity on here?

I know you are very busy, as am I, so time is a limited resource.

But who knows where the future will take us? Is it worth keeping the forum going in the meantime to wait and see? Or is it best to ‘call it a day’ for now?

This is the primary objective. Finding purely UK Kemetic material and groups is hard work and quite possibly few around.

Yes it does cost, but considering my other server hosting costs its not a concern.
The primary reason for hosting it away from the likes of Facebook groups is to ensure that we are not subject to trolls and spurious fake reporting by said trolls which can cause a group to suddenly cease. Also should anything happen to FB then we won’t go down with it.

Yep. So many things away from pagan communities at the moment and I have no idea when I will be able to return. Will be doing a podcast interview on this subject in the next month or so and will have some idea then.

I’m easy either way tbh. If there is no demand then I can archive the whole lot and should there be in the future then it would be easy to restore it. There is still quite a bit of traffic and people are seeing it, even if they don’t contribute. I have no problem with that.

At the moment I’m in no hurry to make a decision and it wouldn’t be my decision anyway. I created this place for Kemetics to find us and they can’t if this place goes.

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Thanks, that’s very reassuring Kev. I’m happy to continue with the forum. As I’m currently a solitary Kemetic and busy with other stuff, this online forum is a good way for me to keep in touch with other UK Kemetics.

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Perhaps we should organise a little fundraiser and some awareness for the forum? I was planning on setting up a blog but I could shift focus onto writing some pieces for here…if that’s ok. I don’t want to step on anyones toes, least of all Kevin’s. We’re here because of his hard work and time.

Edit: the fundraiser would be to cover the cost of hosting the forum. Any extra could go to charity. I think supporting the food banks is pretty important these days.

It’s up to you! I’d welcome written contributions on here are. Alternatively, if you do choose to write a blog, you could post the link on this is forum. :slight_smile:

Some ideas for the future:

  • Occasional online meet ups with forum members again (doesn’t even have to be monthly. Could be ad hoc).- could be a mix of informal coffee chats and the occasional guest speaker on specific topics. Getting a well known speaker might cost something though. If there’s a way we could record speakers, we could keep those recordings on the forum as well? Perhaps we could make payment contributions online for guest speakers.

  • As well as authors, we could try to get Egyptologists via local Egyptology groups to do occasional talks.

  • Yearly in person meet up for forum members at a London museum?

Depends on what people want. I’m aware that the above requires a few people to be up for it, but we could bear it in mind for the future.

Apart from that, I might try and research topics to post interesting information on the forum. I may be able to do now.

Write away! Here or elsewhere. Back links are good for SEO :slight_smile:

Awareness is always good.

Fundraising a nightmare. Not so much as the act of fundraising even though that is difficult, more so the handling of the cash. This group is not an official organisation and therefore has no treasurer or formal accounts, AGM, blah blah blah. If fundrasing is going to be a thing, then would need to create as a society and make everything legal and clear - I do not want to be in a situation where there are allegations of swindling, I’ve seen that happen to a number of pagan groups. Nope. Not going there.

That requires even more time, people, and commitment so unlikely anyone will be up for that. Not hit critical mass on the membership to justify it yet.

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As my dad would say, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

Even just the existence of this forum with access to previous posts and topics is a great thing for UK Kemeticism. And even if only a few of us post regularly, that’s a group/a small community. In this case, ‘three is a crowd’’ is a good thing!


A month away from whatever birthday it happens to be. Had plans to do an announcement of some kind, however recent events means I have a different possible announcement that may impact the funding of this site. Currently I’m paying around $12 per month hosting which in the scheme of things isn’t much, I’m happy to continue that and can’t see it being a problem for now, however that could change and may force me to pulling funding and so result in closure of the site. I will of course keep everyone informed.

I can pay that upfront for a bit if it helps. I’d be happy to donate 5 or 10 years of uptime if it helped.

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Thank you for the offer. As I say, I should be OK. But if it gets to the point of worrying about $12 a month then I may have bigger problems to worry about first :slight_smile:

This is a good thing really - in a very strange way. But it does mean I’m going to be around even less. I do receive update messages about things here, but if it is urgent then it could be a good idea to ping me a message via the facebook page.

As far as birthday celebrations then don’t know what if anything anyone wants to do. Happy to post about it/make noise, involvement is unlikely at this point as every weekend for much of this year is already spoken for.

Any ideas?

I wish there was something I could suggest… I really have no ideas here, but I certainly appreciate this website and would love to demonstrate that with celebration.

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Plenty of time to think. We have previously done a day long set of Zoom talk sessions. That was just a bit too time consuming and I really don’t have that luxury right now. I am of course happy to setup a load of Zoom sessions and everyone can pile in and do stuff, I just don’t have time to host.

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Apparently FB and even here has told me today is the 5th birthday. Yay. Obviously I can’t count even to five.


Happy Birthday Kem Tem UK! :partying_face: