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That is a very good question! I suppose either could be possible. Because of that it leaves both options open to us which is handy.

Hi, I’m new to this group. My name is Yattepia Tutsahwur. It is a Kemetic name given to me by authentic Kemetic priests when I completed my first year of Initiation Per Ankh (House of Life) I currently use the sidereal calendar (Kemetic calendar, pharaonic calendar) to orientate me in time and space.

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Welcome! Feel free to poke around, ask questions, share whatever you think might be of use to the community.


Duaoo again.
I stumbled across Kemetictempleuk by accident, so I don’t know if my ancestors are pushing me to be of use to you and for me to gain a clearer picture of seekers. Time will reveal what it has to.
I am looking forward to knowing more and sharing the knowledge I have.
Duaoo (medu for thank you)


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I look forward to seeing your posts :grinning:

Ntr dua. (medu meaning great thanks)

I would like to ask questions but don’t know where to start. Kemeticism is the revival of an ancient way of life. What if it never needed to be revived because it never died out, just hidden and preserved in secret for over 2,500 years by the Dogon and other bloodlines.

Q1 A friend of mine came accross a group from the Earth Centre at a festival last week. She was very impressed by them and what they said about kemetic practice and the Dogon. Does anyone know of them please?
Q2 when and what is the next Kem Festival please?? Are there any around the beginning of October?
Thank you all as always

Hi Kev, how do I see the table please? Thank you

The very top post of this topic has the table

Came across them some years ago. Weren’t for me so moved on. Everyone’s needs are different so you really need to do your own research to was fits.

Again everyone has their own festivals. I personally have a Kadhi festival for the first week of October, though I doubt I will do much for it this year due to other demands on my time.

I’ve only seen them on the internet, not had any dealings with them so I couldn’t say. If you do try them out, let us know how it goes for you.

I’m happy being solitary in my practice, but it is nice to be in touch with other Kemetics. I’m surprised at how much I’ve gained from solitary practice.

My deities have been supporting me with personal development, by turning my mundane life to better reflect Ma’at and to achieve personal goals which also come under some of Djehuty and Seshat’s areas of expertise. I’m also working with some other deities who seem to agree with and compliment Djehuty and Seshat’s guidence.

I’m only doing little things to celebrate festivals at the moment, but my deities seem happy with that because they’re working with me a lot in the mundane.

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I have never met them ‘in person’ but recently did some research into the group. I’m sure many people find the group helpful and that’s great. For me, however, there were a few red flags. The man who founded the organisation, their Master, made many claims about his qualifications and abilities. I could find no sources to back these claims up.

The thing that made me most wary was a few articles I found. Quite a lot of this community believe that if a woman has sex with a man, then has sex with another man within the space of about a year (cant remember exact time), then she will get ill. Men only have to wait a few weeks between partners.

I’ve also looked for sources about the Dogon people continuing Egyptian traditions. I couldn’t find anything besides some excerpts from heavily disputed ‘historian’, Robert M. Schoch. Schoch’s theories are often disproved by the archaeological community, such as there being a civilisation in Egypt before the Sphinx. This supposed civilisation were wiped out, much like the mythical Atlantis.

I fully support people forming and finding their own religious groups. What I am sceptical of is people who make bold claims with no evidence, who then charm people into following them.

It’s strange how your friend met the Earth Centre recently, when we had quite a prominent member of their UK group on this forum in the last few weeks. It seemed to me that they only wanted to feed us information, rather than enter into a discussion about how we all practice.


Quick disclaimer: I am not attempting to disparage anyone’s beliefs in my above reply. I am just very cautious about cult-like groups. A relative of mine even got conned by a “church” recently. Poor thing was vulnerable after a messy divorce. A charming church leader turned up, offering her a home and a family, everything she wanted to hear and more. She gave them her life savings and moved to the commune. She is now facing prison for funding a drug ring. There was no church.


That’s awful!!! I feel really sorry for your friend.

I’m impressed by the amount of research you did on the Earth Centre.

Hello. I am the Dogon Initiate your friend spoke of. I live in a traditional Kemetic temple her in the UK and I live a Kemetic lifestyle along with all of the practices as was done in the pharaonic era. The culture and language did not die, but was preserved in secret.

If you have questions about the Earth Center and its founder, please ask me.

Omg your friends has really been over, I’m really sorry.
I approach all things with caution. I have heard about the Dogon in the past and their beliefs regarding Sirius but have never seen anything about the link with ancient Egypt as I think there was a bit of a distance in miles between them??? I’m sure our friend on this group could clarify this?

When the invasions on the African continent increased, Ramses ll instructed bloodlines to take the knowledge out of Hej-Ptah (Egypt) and preserve it for future generations. It was taken across the Sahara desert where the invaders could not follow into West African, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo etc. The great temples were toned down as to NOT attract the attention of those who mean to usurp the knowledge. Master Naba, the founder of the Earth center is a direct descendant of one of the bloodline instructed by Pharaoh Ramses ll. These teachings come with lineage datined and recorded back to the pharaonic era. I go to Meritah (modern day Africa) every year to live with the Dogon who teach me. They have been scrupulous with me before allowing to share with me humanity’s ancestral culture.
This knowledge was kept secret for a reason. If you do not understand the culture and the history, it will be hard to break through the fiction to reveal what plainly visible.

I have no questions. I have read articles from the Earth Centre, I have done my research. You are welcome to believe what EC teaches but I do not believe the Dogon are descendants of Ancient Egyptians. I practice Kemeticism in my way, in the way the gods inspire me to.