Festival Calendar


Various festivals we can take a look at.

the calendar

Feel free to add any festivals you want. To do so, just reply to this topic and in the little cog option of the reply box is an ‘insert date’ option. Leave the times as they are and just have the start date to make it an all day event. Then fill in the rest of the topic reply with a festival title and make sure you flag it to occur every year otherwise, once done, it will disappear off of the list!


Festival Of Hathor


Ogdoad Festival


Festival Of Chewing Onions For Bast


But if I flag something to occur every year, won’t that bring it up on the same Gregorian date every year? That seems like it wouldn’t work well for a calendar that shifts relative to ours.

I’m hesitant to add dates to the calendar b/c I don’t know what date other people are using for Wep Ronpet. I feel like everyone’s dates are going to be different.


That is true, it will be to the Gregorian calendar. Some use that instead of recalculating each year. I do for many as I’ve way too many festivals to shift otherwise. Only one do I recalc each year as that is based on the lunar calendar as its a lunar festival.

As far as Wep Ronpet, I will agree, most will be different. Again some use the rising of Sirius in varying locations, some stick to the same date each year and others will no doubt do something different. I have two for example: Summer solstice which was one of the three markers in early dynastic (mainly because the other two don’t really apply to me such as the Nile and Sirius rising). And the other around the first week of August like some others (though I think it should actually properly be September) as my main festival calendar is based on dates which make that the start of the year.

Its fun. A good point to keep in mind is that they often messed with their calendar anyway so its fine if we don’t agree. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself :slight_smile:


Festival Of Hathor