Feast of the Beautiful Valley

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Have a joyous Feast of the Valley!

This Kemetic festival coincides with Beltane, which seems to be celebrated by a lot of pagans.

According to Sharon La Borde’s book ‘Circle of the Sun’, the Feast of the Beautiful Valley is celebrated on 28th April.

From the University website ucl.ac.uk:
Festivals in the ancient Egyptian calendar

Month 2 (10th month of 12 in year)
Khentkhety = Paeninet = Coptic Paoni (approximately May, ideally)

Festival of the Valley celebrated at the New Moon in this month; this was the greatest festival of the Theban necropolis, when the image of Amun of Karnak on the east bank at Thebes was brought to the temples for the cult of individual kings on the west bank - a distinctive feature of this festival was the presentation of great quantities of flowers - this would have been a time for each family to feast with their dead, and the architecture and decoration of tomb-chapels at Thebes reflect such festive banquets.

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I have a reminder to go through the festivals and add them to the calendar grid. I will put a reminder to include this one too. Thanks

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