Every Kemetic's vocation? Ma'at

Ma’at was said to be upheld by the pharoah and the state rituals, practices and administration (my interpretation of ancient Egypt). Plus the practices of its citizens in daily life and rituals.

The ancient Egyptians believed that Egypt was a force for bringing/maintaining Ma’at to the world and sometimes used as a reason for wars/defending itself against other nations.

How does upholding Ma’at in ancient Egypt differ from how we need to uphold Ma’at now? Does it differ?

Has the meaning of Ma’at changed as the world has changed or does it remain the same?

I personally like this quote in the below link:
The Egyptians also had a strong sense of morality and justice. They felt that the good should prosper, and that the guilty would be punished. They praised those who defended the weak and the poor and placed a high value on loyalty, especially to one’s family. However, they also understood that it was not possible to be perfect, just balanced.

Definition of Ma’at: Maat | Ancient Egypt Online

Without the social, religious and political structure of ancient Egypt, I see it more as a personal ‘truth’ and moral compass with wider metaphysical aspects. I did write a book on how I see it touch on modern practices, though I pulled it from publishing a couple of years ago as content heavy and unlikely to appeal to enough to make it worth while.

That sounds like an interesting book I’d be interested in reading! :smiley: :grinning:

Not that you have the time for this at the moment, but a suggestion could be to self publish it on Amazon kindle? But I don’t know how much it would cost.

I apply Ma’at to daily life where I can, but I am curious about what the gods/goddesses think about the lack of ancient Egyptian social structure etc. Perhaps they’ve just moved on with the times… :woman_shrugging:t5:


I do not think such a structure is necessary for Ma’at, the existence of such a structure is more of a fact of the time.

I think about Ma’at in preety utilitarian terms, so finding a just social system is one of the ways I see Ma’at in.

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