Do deities get jealous?


So I’m wondering whether it’s possible for deities to be jealous?

The Christian God has been described as being ‘a jealous’ god and that you shouldn’t have any other deities before him.

Can deities become jealous of us spending time with others (whether that be spouses, family, friends or other deities)?

Wouldn’t want to worship deities that were likely to be jealous. Not prepared to believe in vindictiveness or sundry other characteristics sometimes historically ascribed.


Interesting question. While I know my goddess can be a little agitated when I talk to Isis, but that is more to do with her relationship with her sister. I know she isn’t interested in exclusive access, just more protective.

I often view the gods as a reflection of human’s mistakes, and for me that makes them more approachable. I know not everyone would agree there and that is fine. Our relationships with deity will always be deeply personal, however, the stories around their behaviour and actions could be just stories or they could be a truth - that truth whatever it is. is down to what we want to work with.

I’ve acknowledged that various deities have flaws, I have flaws, the only perfection is Ma’at. I strive as well as they do to up hold it.

All personal views of course, and everyone is welcome to their own :slight_smile:

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Oh and as far as jealous of spending time with family, then certainly not. Mine know very well the family comes first and have always backed off when I needed to focus on them. They know well enough that I’m aware they are still there should I need them.

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@rufus.maychild do you work with any deities?

No. I don’t ‘work’ with them - I honour, celebrate, worship them etc. They are entities well beyond my comprehension. Sometimes they seem to work with me.


Have you been Kemetic for long @rufus.maychild?

I’m not ‘strictly’ Kemetic, rather am cheerfully eclectic. Images of Isis and Ma’at are on my altar. I’ve been a member of the Fellowship of Isis for 40 years, ordained therein for almost 30 years. Did a five-year stretch as a Prison Chaplain, also work as a Celebrant for weddings, funerals and rites of passage.


Sounds like you have had some very interesting and varied experiences.

I haven’t been in touch with Isis much myself, but I’d interested to hear more about your experiences. There’s a thread on Aset in the ‘Temples’ area on the forum I’d you’re interested in sharing something about what you know of her.

Great to see you again @rufus.maychild! Been a while :slight_smile: