Choosing this path

So I was once an athiest though I’ve always loved egypt. I used to build pyramids on the beach and that sort of stuff. Always had dreams pf Egypt and temples and all that good stuff. But later on in life i had a really awesome couple of experiences. That brought me on this path.

I kinda thought wait did i choose this or did they choose me. Just a nice thought. This faith has been a great help to me. Helped me through extremely painful times.

I don’t have an alter i never really needed one i asked if i should i akways got a no. But recently i lost my connection to them. So I’ve started offering nephthy beer and bread and she seemed to accept it. I’d often just vent to mainly anpu. And set and id always get a sense of a hand on my shoulder Everytime. I feel truly blessed.

I saw of your guys alters and I’m like jeez im a terrible follower. Sorry for the long story just thought I’d share it. May anpu protect you on your journeys

First thing don’t worry about altars. If you don’t need one you don’t need one and mine certainly didn’t pop up over night, it has evolved over the decades. Just do what you need to do to make that connection. All that you have said has happened to the rest of us in varying degrees.

They never loose interest even though it may seem like it - they will always hang around to help when we need it.

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Thank you. I find them very abstract at times but set is very straight forward. I feel close to him

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For what it’s worth, at the mo my ‘altar’ is a little side table with an incense burner, a candle holder, and a small space where i can fit an offering glass of water. My devotional statuary consists entirely of one small toy penguin i got at Sainsburys, standing in for the not-yet-identified falcon (i think) deity who’s been doing most of the hanging around. (He seems to like penguins, so he gets a penguin unless and until he’d like to be more specific about his identity.) Point is, it is the exact opposite of fancy, and it’s certainly not very Kemetic-looking.

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If it does the job that is the only important thing.

I started with a little bedside table basic altar. Statue, incense, candle. And it worked just as well as my bigger ones
I felt the connection was thrown on me, but it feels like it has also always been there without me giving it proper attention if that makes sense.

I am a big believer in doing devotional acts everyday randomly, rather than elaborate rituals. I do give offerings and pray, but mostly I acknowledge the signs and call for assistance when I need backup, then give thanks, always.

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I certainly agree with the everyday part in particular. I have so many festivals that I really wouldn’t have the energy and time to put on a full blown fan fare. Like today for instance, I mark this day as one for Hathor and Sekhmet, and as usual before I eat and drink I give some thanks and offer up what I have to them. Sure for some that I really care about such as the festivals to my primary goddess then I do go a bit special.

They know anyway so keep talking :slight_smile:

I give offerings to whoever pops in my head. Like lately anpu and nepthys and set. They been enjoying whine and bread.

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My altars have grown over like… 10-15 years of worship. I started with 1-2 statues and gradually built from there. They’re not representative of early worship or standard worship (I have a Kemetic Orthodox Senut shrine, my informal shrine(s), and my living room shrine, as well as a priestly shrine).

I’m actually in the process of downsizing right now. I have shrines I don’t need, to Gods I don’t really talk to. I’m trying to strip down to what I really need, really use. And I’m trying not to let the shrines I do use explode out of hand. It can be easy to think bigger/more = better but it’s super nooooot.

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