Autumn Equinox Kemetic Festivals

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So I"m aware that it’s the Autumn Equinox, but I’m wondering what Kemetic festival might correspond with this? What festivals would they have had around this time?

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P.S. Happy Autumn Equinox lol! I hope everyone’s well.

Drat. Just checked my calendar and realised I missed a festival date yesterday (not in any way connected with the equinox).

If you are marking the equinox then have a good one!

Oh Kev! We’ll I’m sure you’ve got loads on your calendar. Bound to forget one occasionally.

I’m looking into the ‘Opet/Ipet’ festival in September (not sure on dates).

Yeah, many and most I do forget though I don’t forget the ones that mean a lot. :slight_smile:

That Opet festival rings a bell. Good luck with the research!

Ipet seems like a big festival for the AEs. However, there is a strong link to kingship that without a Pharaoh doesn’t have the same meaning to the modern age. But, I am interested in it’s link to Amun-Ra and the flooding of the Nile. Also seems like a good excuse for a community celebration… If we weren’t in a global pandemic.

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afterthought but my first Opet festival a few years back with KO, was on 11th sept.
It is a festival to Amun-Ra, where there was a procession with the statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu. I don;t remember much else other than we did a ritual to Amun-Ra and some releasing Heka.

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