Are you ever annoyed with your deities?

Well I’ve been annoyed on an off with mine recently. Had some communication which seemed confusing and frustrating. It’s probably partly to do with my own stresses, but still. I was annoyed with the lack of clarity and questioned whether I wanted to give them offerings at shrine/whether this was important for me considering a lack of direction.

But things have turned around a bit & I still kept going with my practices despite my annoyance. Maybe they changed their direction because they didn’t want the offerings to cease? Or they felt sorry for me? Or perhaps I understood enough of what they were trying to say so they are changing direction?

I am aware that ancient Egyptian priests used to threaten the Netjeru by saying they would stop offering to them unless they did what the priest asked. I wouldn’t feel comfortable ‘threatening’ the Netjeru, but it seems to be a way some ancient Egyptian’s communicated with them and the Netjeru seemed to accept that.

If you are annoyed with your Netjeru, how do you deal with this?

I have always had frequent arguments as she often ‘provides advice’. Some is justified, some not. I roll with it and learnt to take constructive criticism. That is the point of a mentor/guide.


Of course I get annoyed but find arguing with them fruitless. I’m like a toddler having a tantrum whilst they wait for me to finish my peas. They know better and it is good for me, I just think I know what I want.

Devo over at the twistedrope often blogs about their issues with various Netjer and talks about the ancient threats. I don’t think I have the plums to threaten them, especially Sutekh!


As it turns out…none of the above… The situation has turned around enough for me to find the answer for myself and what I’ve been getting from my Netjeru now makes more sense… The reason things haven’t been going my way is because it’s not right for me at this time. It would be too much for me to take on. I need to be more realistic and practical. I’d have to think about long-term implications, which I didn’t take into account to start with. Is this something I really want or did I just really like the sound of the idea?

The reason their communication wasn’t clear to me before, is because I didn’t like or understand the answer lol!!!

So… They were right… Sigh

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Ahhhh! And again? I thought they were leading me towards a particular direction with something else for a long time… But now I’m not so sure. It’s proving to be extremely difficult. I’m getting there slowly, but there have been many set backs. Two steps forward and one step back all the way… How does that make sense if I thought I was being guided in a particular direction? Why would they seem to guide me somewhere, but it become so difficult and stressful!

I’m so annoyed! I don’t get it!

Maybe I thought I heard the Netjeru when I didn’t. No idea :rage:

sigh Well I’m sure they have their reasons… :roll_eyes:

I always say that two steps forward and one step back is still one step in the right direction. It just takes more time unfortunately!