An evening of fire and music

Just had the last couple of hours to myself, so been sat in front of the fire listening to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. On such a wet and windy night it has been bliss. Couldn’t quite get into a fire skrying mood as I was enjoying the music, mead and hazel nuts too much.

Did a little ritual for both the Min and Hathor festivals I have later in the week. Its a busy festival time for me over the next four months. Its the bulk of them, perhaps 25 days plus of festival days.

Works well with them this time of year with the darkness. Nice and cozy.

How do yours spread through the year?

I’m actually just sat with various websites open, trying to figure out my festival calendar. I think I will loosely be basing it off of the KO calendar but will move things that don’t feel quite right for me or clash with family commitments. I’m hoping March is fairly quiet, festival wise, as it’s my, my daughters, my father in laws, and and two cousins birthdays, Plus my wedding anniversary, our first date anniversary, my in laws anniversary, Spring Equinox, and sometimes Easter…oh, and Mothers Day! Phew!

P.S, Stevie Nicks rox!

LOL yes early half of the year is quiet for me. The next few months its going to be so busy I need that rest :slight_smile:

See how it goes. First time round I dropped a few and gained a few. Its all about pace and what you feel you can fit in.

Stevie is awesome. :slight_smile:

Have fun!

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