A cute little making idea

While at the BM on Saturday saw this cute little item. Simple enough to make from the shed loads of hazel I shall have soon when I prune the trees…


Cute! Are they some sort of amulet?

I didn’t record the panel which I usually do so bad Kev. In any case I would probably say they are amulets of Horus of some kind. The hole is curious so perhaps were threaded.

Yeah, that’s what i was guessing. The position/direction of the hole is interesting, because if it’s threaded on a necklace you won’t be able to see the bird’s head clearly. I wonder if maybe the back or front (which would be visible then) is carved in a shape that’s itself significant?

I would have thought if the other side was marked then they would have presented that for display rather than the undecorated side. It is a really odd location for holes though. Might require a bit more investigation, or I could just ask someone!

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Sounds like a good excuse for a trip to me.

I would have said beads at first glance